Are you looking for manual workers?

Have you thought about employing workers from Ukraine?

Don’t waste time on formalities connected with the recruitment process, don’t take risks – trust a tried and tested recruitment agency.

Looking for a job?

Choose an experienced recruitment and temporary employment agency.

We’ll help you solve the problem of being short-staffed, and instantly find the appropriate manual workers for your company. Our company’s operations cover the whole of Poland.

We perfectly understand the staffing problems of companies in Poland. We know it isn’t easy to find people with the desired skills and qualifications, who are also willing to carry out tasks in difficult conditions or work shifts.

We’ll provide your company with the right employees.

Have you thought about employing workers from Ukraine or other eastern countries? If so, you’ve chosen the perfect direction! Recruiting beyond Poland’s eastern border is currently the most beneficial way of providing the right workforce for your company.

When facing difficulties, when time is of the essence, turn to tried and tested solutions and collaboration with WORK ASIST POLAND – an experienced temporary employment agency offering employee outsourcing and seasonal work services.



The employee does the job at your company, but all the responsibility, coordination and formalities are down to us.

We offer a comprehensive and extremely convenient way to acquire foreign employees, including workers from Ukraine.

By choosing employee outsourcing, you are taking care of continuity of employment, as this is the quickest and easiest way to make up staff shortfalls at your company.


Are you looking for employees for seasonal or periodic work, or as cover? As an experienced temporary employment agency, we provide a full recruitment service for companies all over Poland.

What does collaboration for temporary work involve? We establish your needs in terms of the number of employees, their qualifications and the location and time of the work they are to do. We recruit the appropriate staff and deal with the formalities connected with their stay in Poland, then delegate them to work at your company. You are responsible for health & safety and organising the work.

Why choose Work Asist Poland?

THE CERTAINTY of employing workers who’ll meet your expectations.

Our specialists take care to thoroughly verify the people recruited, in line with your requirements. We can provide workers in many fields.

SPEED of reaction to staff shortfalls at your company.

The recruitment process runs as smoothly as possible, thanks to over ten years of experience and cooperation with a network of partner agencies in many countries. We have dozens of recruitment offices in Ukraine.

SAFETY of legally employing workers.

Our priority is to adapt our offer to current legislation. We sort out all the formalities involved with employing foreigners in Poland.

VALUES - for us, the person is most important.

We respect the employees, arrange them comfortable living conditions and support them at every stage of their employment. We provide an experienced coordinator.

FLEXIBILITY in adapting to working conditions.

Our employees go through a three-day test period. We guarantee continuity of employment in a given position, and immediately organise a replacement where necessary.

COMFORT that allows you to take care of your own business.

By choosing employee outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about dealing with formalities, supervision of employees, salaries or contracts.

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