Temporary work

Do you need production or construction workers? Or maybe you’re involved in agriculture? We are fully flexible and can make up staff shortfalls in many industries.

Are you looking for employees for seasonal or periodic work, or as cover? Choose a professional temporary employment agency.

What does collaboration with a temping agency involve?

Current legislation allows a temporary employee to work for one employer for a total of 18 months during a three year period. Breaks from the job during this period do not matter in this case.  In the case of a replacement or cover worker, employment can last a total of 36 months. As a temporary employment agency, we provide you with staff in accordance with the contract, while we remain responsible for those workers as arranged. You are liable for obligations connected with organisation of work and health & safety.

The workers are employed legally by our company, and have all the necessary documents. The qualifications of the workforce are checked, where necessary we carry out the required training.

Our offer includes employees from Ukraine and other eastern countries.

We provide an experienced bilingual coordinator, who is available for the client and workforce, and who reacts to any problems which arise. Our quality department ensures all tasks commissioned proceed properly. 

Cooperation with the temporary employment agency is simple – you stipulate what kind of work is to be entrusted to the temporary employee, what qualifications are required, the location and the number of hours. We set the terms for remuneration and carrying out the duties charged, and determine the health & safety principles. Once the contract is signed, we immediately provide you with the appropriate employee.

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