Employee outsourcing is one of the key services we offer to our clients. There is an increasing need for additional workers in companies. Demand is on the increase, time matters, and the recruitment process is a complex one requiring serious commitment, particularly when employing foreigners.

The workers are employed by us, but work for you. Work done well provides value to your company, and comfort and peace to you, with no worries about formalities.

What can we include in our employee outsourcing?

We provide this option if you are concerned about filling staff shortfalls as quickly and smoothly as possible, but at the same time you want to take charge of legalising the employees’ stay, of formalities, training and health & safety matters.

Do you want to reduce employment levels at your company and pass responsibility on to another entity – a subcontractor – to minimise risk and lower costs? Choose a tried and tested solution – the certified employment agency Work Asist Poland, which has been on the market for over 10 years.

Collaboration with us on employee outsourcing ensures that every type of work is carried out, not only seasonal or unskilled jobs. The employment period is unlimited and established according to your needs.

Workers are bound by a contract with our agency, so it is we who are responsible for our employees and the proper execution of the duties entrusted to them.

The process is made smoother and trouble-free collaboration is guaranteed by the support of the experienced coordinator who solves problems as they arise, and is available both to you and to the employees.

Collaborating on employee outsourcing - see how simple it is.

  1. You specify your company’s needs.
  2. We prepare the best offer and we discuss the terms of our collaboration.
  3. We sign a contract.
  4. We recruit the appropriate staff and verify the candidates.
  5. We legalise the employment and stay of employees in Poland.
  6. We organise the workers’ arrival and accommodation.
  7. We organise the employees’ medicals and training.
  8. The employees carry out the work that your company requires, in accordance with the contract.
  9. We verify whether the terms of the contract are adhered to.
  10. We settle costs with a VAT invoice.


Remember! The offer of collaboration  on employee outsourcing includes full responsibility on our side for the employees and health & safety matters. In addition, you’ll have a coordinator at your disposal round the clock, seven days a week.

We are guided by ethics, values and respect for people.

Satisfied employees repay your company with work well done.

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