The best workers from Ukraine and other eastern countries, ready for work for your company’s needs!

The process of employing a foreigner is a complex one requiring a lot of experience. Don’t waste time on sorting out formalities. Trust a verified employment agency – Work Asist Poland

What’s the quickest and easiest way to take on employees from Ukraine?

Besides checking the candidates’ skills and qualifications, it’s also vital to verify the legality of their stay and whether they have all the required documents. 

Along the way to successful completion of the recruitment process, there are mundane problems which may arise, such as language barriers or the need to provide appropriate living conditions as close as possible to the workplace. 

When commencing cooperation with our temporary employment and employee outsourcing agency, you don’t have to worry about any of these matters, because we sort out all the formalities for you!

Range of services


You don’t have to worry about recruiting workers and verifying their qualifications, signing contracts or registering with the authorities. Medical check-ups, training and HR/payroll matters won’t be a problem either. You’ll receive one invoice for the service we provide. It couldn’t be simpler – you specify your needs and we take care of the rest!

  • There are no limits connected with the type of work.
  • The time spent working is fully adapted to your requirements.
  • The worker is employed by our agency, but works for your company.
  • We bear full responsibility for staff, including with regard to workplace health and safety.
  • We provide the support of an experienced coordinator.


Are you looking for a seasonal worker or cover? Have your needs suddenly increased? Have unexpected circumstances arisen? We’re able to react immediately to changes in requirements both in terms of numbers of temporary workers and their qualifications. You just have to notify us of your increased employment needs. It’s easy – look!

  • We deal with seasonal, periodic, provisional, optional and cover work.
  • The working time is a total of 18 months during a 3 year period.
  • The worker is employed by our agency, but works for your company.
  • We take on responsibility for the staff, but you are liable for obligations connected with organisation of work and health & safety.
  • We provide the support of an experienced coordinator.

What kind of employees do we provide?

We collaborate with a network of 30 partner agencies acting as intermediaries in employing workers from Ukraine.

Qualified workforce | manual workers | various fields

We have qualified welders, steel fabricators, locksmiths, electricians, grinders, carpenters, warehouse operatives, production workers and from many more fields. We’ll adapt to your needs.

Workers not only from Ukraine

As a temporary employment and outsourcing agency, we have a wide range of staff available including employees from Ukraine and other eastern countries: Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, India and Nepal.

The recruitment process can be completed in only 48 hours!

We know how valuable time is. The recruitment process - from learning what your expectations are to starting work - can be completed very rapidly, in as little as 48 hours! The sooner you come to us and decide to start a collaboration, the sooner you’ll ensure your company has continuity of employment and can be sure of meeting clients’ deadlines.

Cooperation with us - step by step

  1. You specify your company’s needs. We prepare you the best offer and we discuss the terms of our collaboration. We sign a contract.

  2. We recruit the appropriate staff. We verify the candidates’ qualifications. We legalise the employment and stay of employees from Ukraine in Poland. We organise their arrival and accommodation. We organise the employees’ medicals and training.

  3. The employees carry out the work that your company requires, in accordance with the contract. An experienced coordinator monitors the team of workers and helps them solve any problems they face.

  4. We verify whether the terms of the contract are adhered to, and settle costs with a VAT invoice.

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